Langeoog Campsite



Camping in the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park
The fresh sea air smells of salt and adventure, and as soon as you step outside the grass tickles your feet: Here, you are surrounded by an unrivalled natural landscape! With its own campsite, our Youth Hostel is located in the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park, surrounded by salt marshes, mud flats and dune valleys. The sprawling, natural campsite is the only one on the island. Its huge, well-maintained lawn has plenty of space for up to 150 guests to erect and position their tents however they wish.


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25.00 €

Location & Directions

Langeoog, the long island where cars aren't allowed, is about 12 km in length from the western to the eastern end, and from the north to the south of the island it is just 3.5 km at its widest point. The Youth Hostel and camp site are some 5 km away from the main village, on the way to Ostende, on well-maintained lawn in a lovely, green dune valley - near the beach in the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea Nationalpark. The Youth Hostel also has tents available for hire.


Spacious grounds with sports area, volleyball court, barbecue hut, campfire area and table tennis table. More information about the campsite can also be found in our flyers "Zeltplatz Langeoog" ("Langeoog Campsite") and "Zelten auf Langeoog leicht gemacht" ("Camping on Langeoog made easy".

Leisure activities

Packed with island adventures

On Langeoog, the whole family is sure to have loads of fun. For example, when exploring the island village together. The long, sandy beach makes going for a swim a real treat - or why not try the saltwater aqua park? If you've come to explore nature, then you, too, will be spoilt for choice.

Sightseeing and excursions

  • Langeoog is an ideal base from where to go on more extensive tours all across East Frisia, to discover the Hanseatic City of Bremen and its fascinating past, the port of Bremerhaven and the university city of Oldenburg's boulevards.
  • Boat trip to the seal banks
  • Excursions by boat to the neighbouring islands


Youth Hostel Langeoog Campsite

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Christoph Angres

Opening hours

Guests are required to pay a visitor's tax.

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